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1 1850 census listed 3yrs of age. No further record. BARRETT, Basil Newton (I58)
2 1880 census Clear Creek Twp Monroe co. In house #257 Hiram head of house age 67, born Kentucky, Parmillie (Amellia) wife age 60 born in Indiana. William son age 26 born in Indiana, wife Jennie age 21 born in Indiana. 1900 census Clear Creek Twp. Monroe Co. Indiana House #114 William head of home age 45 born in Indiana, Jane wife age 41 born in Indiana. Edgar son age 12 born in Indiana, Lillie age 8 born in Indiana, Millie J. daughter 17 born in Indiana. (This is Millie Jane Tate daughter of James B. Tate and Sarah Cracraft) she was a servant in the household of William Harvey Butcher. Millie had a child out of wedlock in Lawrence Co. Indiana. (Lawrence Co. Indiana born Sept. 14, 1902 to Oct 1987.) Millie died Feb 8, 1957 at Craigmount Hospital in Madison, In. She is buried in Chapel Hill Cem., Monroe Co. Indiana, never married. Information by Tate Family. 1910 census Clear Creek Twp. Monroe Co. Indiana house # 168 William H head of house age 55 born in Indiana. Jennie wife age 50 born in Indiana. Edgar son age 22 born in Indiana, Lillie age 18 born in Indiana. Death Book Monroe Co., In. William Harvey Butcher Clear Creek Twp., Bk H221 Page 14. BUTCHER, William Harvey (I1630)
3 1930 Census shows Ruthie and Dora are living with her parents Homer and Maude Overton. They just live serveral houses away from William Thomas and Malinda Hardwick. OVERTON, Ruth Ester (I1782)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. POWERS, Elmer Howard (I591)
5 Aunt Alice shot and killed her husband. This is story told by Marjorie Sowders who heard it from her mother, Stella Barrett. She didn't know the reason but no charges were ever filed. BARRETT, Emma Alice (I144)
6 Aunt Pearl lived in Clear Creek in the big red brick farm house after crossing RR tracks on the right. Address 4905 S. Rogers, Bloomington, IN 47401. Phone 812-849-2446. BARRETT, Pearl May (I132)
7 Barrett Book - John came to the United States from Irland. He never talked much about his family or background. Story goes he rode a mule to Indiana and he fought the Indians. Records of Declaration of Intention October 1854 - June - 1890 Complied by Ruth C. Carter John Montgomery, age 26 years, page 42 born Ireland - Allegiance to Queen Victoria Embarked - Liverpool, England Arrived Bost - July 25, 1854 Dated October 7, 1864 Three marriage records besides Eliza a Taylor - married 4 times??? MONTGOMERY, John (I255)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MARCHANT, Andrew Barrett "Barry" (I823)
9 Betsy was age 52 years when last child was born. HILL, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" (I523)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SMITH, Betty (I871)
11 Birthplace says unknown in 1900 census but in the 1850 census it says Kentucky. House hold ,Clear Creek Twp., Land Value 1500.00 JUDAH, Samuel David (I493)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HEDRICK, Robert (I783)
13 Bob worked as a trouble shooter at RCA and retired from the plant. He enjoys printing and photography. A member of Harrodsburg Vounteer Fire Department and Bloomington Red Cross. He served in WW II in Panama. STRAIN, Robert Howard (I578)
14 Born in Germany and came to US in a sailing boat. MAUSER, Gottleib (I839)
15 Both are members of the Church of Christ. They lived with her parents until they built their new house. "Ma" Barrett always kept the children while Ester and Bob worked. After "Pa" Barrett died Ma stayed with Ester until she passed away. BARRETT, Esther Ann (I270)
16 Burkhart forefathers orginated in Germany. (Info: on Danile from daughter Elma Whitaker 1986) They lived in Smithville while their children were little and then later moved to Indianapolis. BURKHART, Minnie E (I374)
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BARRETT, Byron Orlando (I278)
18 Byron was reaised on a small farm near Harrodsburg. He began working in the quarries and lived at home. His father charged him rom and board. In the winter, when the quarries closed he loved to hunt, fish, and trap. He was a "crack shot", hard worker, and never shirked any job. He could figure out and do anything. He made more in the winter trapping than he did in the quarries in the summer. He was a bee keeper and sold honey. He shot cardinal birds because they sat at the honey combs and ate the bees. Life was hard for Byron and Grace after they married. They moved in with his father. Byron still had to pay room and board, even though, Grace worked in the house and on the farm. They finally moved in with her parents and later bought her grandfathers farm, the old Kelly place. Byron and Grace raised chickens, set out an orchard, raised bees and sold honey. Grace played a joke on Byron one day. She fastened a cardinal bird up in the tree before Byron came home from work. When he saw it he grabbed th shotgun and went to shoot it. He wasted three shots before he finally saw her laughing. Byron and Grace lost their first child, who lived eight days, from childbirth complications. Dr. Mitchell, who delivered little Homer had crushed his skull. Two years later Byron lost his life in a freak drowning accident. It happened in the "Back Water" in the Fair Fax Bottoms, Monroe County, at the foot of the hill where he lived. (This land is now the dam site of Monroe Reservoir. The farm was located on the top of the hill where the boat ramp is now located and the bottom between the two hills). Byron had found out his sister, Ethel, had gotten in trouble for stealing at the grocery store in Harrodsburg. Byron was so angry, even Grace and her parents couldn't talk him out of going. So, even though the water was backed up from hill to hill, he proceeded to Harrodsburg to see what was going on. His father-in-law, Homer decided to go with him. They thought they could cross because they could still see some of the tops of the fence posts. But the water was so swift it swept the horse off his feet and the buggy overturned. Byron was wearing hip boots. He unhooked the horse and it made it to the bank. Then he helped Homer to a tree where he could hang on. All this time Grace was watching. She saw her husband start to the bank and saw him fall backwards into the swirling waters. He never surfaced. The water was so cold, middle of January, Homer froze to the tree. Homer's son, Albert, took the row boat and rescued his Dad. When starting back to the bank he asked where Byron was. Homer pointed to a spot, but when he had gotten in the boat, he was turned around and pointed the wrong way. Homer was taken home and given whiskey to revieve him. Orelando Prince stayed with the family all night. The Harrodsburg side went back home and came again the next morning. Friends and the authorities came the next morning and found Byron's body just a few feet from shere he had disappeared. He was taken to the funeral home and the mortician told Grace there wasn't any water in his lungs. He had over taxed his heart and it had burst. His hair beneath his cap was still dry. He left his wife expecting their second child. He was born forty one days later. Grace had to have a sale and sell every thing. She had to work in the fields like a man. She used the team of horses and plowed and planted and harvested the crops. She raised Canary birds and sold them. Grace and her mother raised large gardens and canned lots of the produce. They had apples, peaches and pears from the orchard. These were also "put up" for the winter season. They picked black berries and raspberries and cannedthese. They butchered their own meat, canned some salted some down in large crocks, sugar cured and smoked the hams. They sold some to help with the neccessities which they couldn't raise. Grace remarried December 24, 1935 to Webb Knight of Lawrence County, In. They had three dughters. Webb farmed and drove a school bus for the Needmore School. BARRETT, Byron Hazlett (I267)
19 Calvin Wisley and Malinda Deckard were never married. Calvin Wisley paid $100.00 to Malinda on October 27, 1866 on a bastardy charge. Daniel lived part of the time with his mother and part of the time with his father. WISELY, Daniel W (I495)
20 Charlotte and Martin had 13 children. Herbert and Grace are the oldest of the children. Charlotte is of Irish decent. DANIEL, Charlotte (Lottie) J. (I281)
21 Davey was born with an open spine. Is paralized from waist down. Uses a wheel chair, but can walk with braces and crutches. He had an excellent mind and is very smart. ANDERSON, David Wyne (I596)
22 Departed this life by a fatal accident. His sister, Elma Barrett Whitaker, was 5 years old and remembers this accident. He cut his foot with an axe and later died. He is buried in Knights and Pythnis Cemetery, located South of present Southside Christian Church, 1986, south of Smithville, IN. This cemetery is in a field and is fenced. Couldn't find his marker 1986. This cemetery is known as K & P. Morgan County Clear Creek Township Book: H21 page: 20 BARRETT, Wayne Dee (I873)
23 Descrepancy - info from Ruth Barrett says the Hollice was a twin to Wallace Harrell but Marjoried Barrett say they were not. He was in WWII, active duty one year. HARRELL, Hollice (I352)
24 Descrepency on date of birth. Wisley information from LDS says 1853 but 1860 census only lists her as one year old. FLOYD, Mary Elizabeth (I308)
25 Did she also marry George W. Porter on 9/5/1861 page D132 Patrick McMahan on 9/12/1861 page D133 WOODY, Sarah Elizebeth (I2570)
26 Died as a prisoner of War WISLEY, Jordan (I331)
27 Died Bk H14 Page 17 monroe Co. Indiana - 1910 Census. BUTCHER, Daisy Ann (I350)
28 Difference in dates of birth. Tombstone says born February 22, 1842 and 1850 Census say he was 4years old (born 1846). JUDAH, Joseph (I518)
29 Ed married an indian woman. She was left on a door step, abandoned by her mother and tribe. Perhaps she had a white father and therefor would not have been accepted by her tribe. Ed was a builder. He built the furniture in the courthouses and many of the barns in the area. They are marked with the E Thomas on the bottom. THOMAS, Ed D. (I1474)
30 Ed worked stone quarries, Monroe Co. He discovered he had cancer about 1955. Took treatments and was healed. He liked to gamble, so when the Gyroscopic Venture came along he invested their entire savings, $80,000. He lost it all. He had to go back to work after retiring to pay for Ethel's funeral expenses. Ed's will, left his estate to his brother Richard Kelly. There was an auction at Bloomington National Guard Armory and every thing sold. Byron received $50.0 from the will. Both were members of Harrodsburg Church of Christ. No children. KELLY, Edward Daniel (I577)
31 Eli Pavey was a ladies man. He also had a wooden leg. PAVEY, Eli Preston (I167)
32 Ethel worked at RCA, Bloomington, IN until she retired. She enjoyed contests, needlework, crocheting and traveling. She babysit her nephew, Dewards's Son, Robbie. BARRETT, Ethel May (I269)
33 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CORNELL, Theresa (I435)
34 Evelyn Cornell of Blacklick, Ohio was reared in Ruth (Sons) and Samuel Hardwicks home. SONS, Evelyn (I429)
35 Everette was age seventeen and not married at the time of Bud's death. He was the oldest male still living at home. Heavy responsiblity fell upon him to take care of his mother and remaining three younger siblings. SOWDERS, Everette (I1409)
36 First appeared in 1830 Wythe Co. Census 1M 30-40, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-2 20-30, 1 M 50-60, 1 F 50-60 1840 census shows 1 M 60-70, 1 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 60-70 1850 census shows Peter age 77, farmer b. NC, Polly age 77 b. PA, Mary age 30 b. VA, Andrew age 6, George W. Hurst 13, Elizabeth HUFFMAN 50, Joseph 14, Martha 19, Ephraim 12, George 8.3 Peter deeded land in Wythe Co. to his son, Michael, Sr. in 1852.6 In the 1800 Wythe Co., VA Tax List there is a Peter WISELEY, 1 M over 16, 4 horses. Not certain if this is the same Peter. In the baptismal record for daughter, Rosina, named as Peter WEISSLE and Magdalena.2 In a Rev War Pension application for James SAGE of Grayson Co., VA, Pet WISELEY of Wythe Co. stated that his brother, Daniel, served with the soldier James SAGE in the Revolutionary War.7 Peter's will is on file in Wythe Co., VA written May 1850 and proven 1855.8 WISELY, Peter Sr (I2502)
37 Frank served in the Navy in WWII in the Pacific. They lived on old John Hunter's place in the orginial house until 1935 or 36, when they built a new home on the same site. The terraced front yard and cellar are still evident in 1986. Some of the Grist Mill Burrs are used for front steps. The better lumber in the old house was used in the new one. This is located on old Salem-Bloomington Rd. just a ways west from the Mundell Christian Church turn off of New St. Rd. 446. HUNTER, Frank William (I923)
38 Frank was born out of wedlock. He went by Sparks. Lived in Indianapolis. SPARKS, Frank Barrett (I723)
39 Hazlett rode on horse back from Virginia to Indiana when he was only 17 years old. Think of the bravery it took as he had to face the beasts of the forest. In those days roads were scarce and he only had Indian trails for guidance. After arriving in Indiana he met and married a 15 year old girl. They had 15 children and many many grandchildren. They raised their family on a farm 2 miles northeast of Smithville, Indiana. According to the history of Monroe County, H. Barrett was part of the Methodist Church in Harrodsburg in the 1850s. In the 1850 Census - Household 180, Perry Twp Dist 132, Land value $300.00. Hazlett and Elizabeth are both buried near the old farm place in Smithville. This Cemetery was turned into pasture land, later destroyed when the housing addition was built. There aren't any stones to be found anywhere in 1986. The old Cemetery was located across the road from the Lucas Cemetery northeast of Smithville, IN. Their farm was located on Ramp Creek, in the valley. The top of the hill above the farm is called Handy Ridge. Part of the old home place was still standing in 1980. Although sold and resold it was made to stand for many years. Compiled by Ruth Barrett BARRETT, Hazlett (I522)
40 He served in the Navy in WWII. The Marble Head SHip was bombed by the Japaneese while he was on it. He scarcely escaped death. He was a total alcoholic. He almost ran Anjoan crazy with his terrible drinking. He was cremated in Denver, jColorado and his ashes acattered over the mountains he loved. His wife still lives in Denver, Co. BARRETT, Morris Edward (I910)
41 He swallowed a burr while shucking corn. It stuck in his windpipe. He was operated on and someone had to breath for him while it was cut out. He always talked whispery. He lived on the farm southwest of Harrodsburg. Never married. BARRETT, Homer E (I138)
42 He was a member at University Heights Christian Church. Also a member of the Transport Workers Union, Local 2003. HARDWICK, Samuel Woodrow (I392)
43 Her grave marker list her name as Lurah. BARRETT, Lura "Lula" A (I139)
44 His tombstone has a small lamb on top of limestone tombstone. His parents were so lonely without him. BARRETT, James Luther (I844)
45 Hugh was a minister at the Pentacost Holiness Church. Lived near Sanders, Monroe, Co. (Mrs. Marshall Barrett told this true story) Russell and a friend came to the meetting house during services. They were drunk and disorderly. Hugh told the congregation he was going to lay aside his religion long enough to whip his son. He did and returned to the pupit and continued the services. BARRETT, Hugh H. (I246)
46 In 1850 Census, House hold 305, Clear Creek Twp, Land Value 1200.00 According to Mrs. Whitaker, Elizabeth's father, has a Cemetery in Bedford maned after him, Green Hill. Mr. Hill is suppose to be buried here. Maybe this Mr. Hill buried there is Basil's father. HILL, Basil (I533)
47 Information on Morgan Barrett Family given to Ruth Barrett by Nancy Barrett, 7430 Shadyside, Bloomington, In 47401. October 25, 1986. BARRETT, Morgan (I245)
48 Issac was a great Bible Man. He was a strong man with large hands. This is common among the "Barrett men" as well as turning white headed early in life. The family Bible is in the hands of Merle Barrett's daughter Louise Combest. _MILT: CONC , BARRETT, Isaac Hazlett (I135)
49 Italian heritage MANGANO (I888)
50 James was an only child. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by Welby and Clemintine Mason. HUFFAKER, James William (I2551)

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