Morgan Barrett got into trouble and left Virginia. He killed a man. So he asked his 17 year old brother, Hazlett to run away with him. They left the state of Virginia in the dark of the night. Somewhere along the way they parted company. Morgan traveled southwest to Texas and made good. He was a lawyer and quite wealthy.

Hazlett came to his sister, Margaret Thrasher. He married and settled around the Smithville area.

Hazlett rode on horse back from Virginia to Indiana when he was only 17 years old. Think of the bravery it took as he had to face the beasts of the forest. In those days roads were scarce and he only had Indian trails for guidance. After arriving in Indiana he met and married a 15 year old girl. They had 15 children and many many grandchildren. They raised their family on a farm 2 miles northeast of Smithville, Indiana.

According to the history of Monroe County, H. Barrett was part of the Methodist Church in Harrodsburg in the 1850s. In the 1850 Census – Household 180, Perry Twp Dist 132, Land value $300.00.

Hazlett and Elizabeth are both buried near the old farm place in Smithville. This Cemetery was turned into pasture land, later destroyed when the housing addition was built. There aren’t any stones to be found anywhere in 1986. The old Cemetery was located across the road from the Lucas Cemetery northeast of Smithville, IN.

Their farm was located on Ramp Creek, in the valley. The top of the hill above the farm is called Handy Ridge. Part of the old home place was still standing in 1980. Although sold and resold it was made to stand for many years.

There are 6 generations carrying the name Hazlett in the Barrett family.

Compiled by Ruth Barrett


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