History of Wisley Family

Written by Marshall T. Wisley (1888-1970)

June 25, 1960
My great great grand-father came from Germany about the time of (the) Revolutionary War. I do not know his given name (We know this to be Frederick [1716 – 1782] now) , Bert (Wisley, Marshall ‘s son) has a chest he brought across with him.

My great grandfather’s name was Peter (1773 – 1855) , he owned a Plantation of 1,000 acres in Wythe County , Virginia , west or a little south west of Wytheville the county seat. Near the little town of Crockett not far from Rural Retreat.

That is in the little hills of Virginia ‘s very fertile land. They are buried in a Lutheran cemetery not far from the old home place. They spelled the name Wiseley.

My Grandfather’s name was Frederick (1794 – 1869) . He was in the war of 1812. He came to Monroe County , Indiana in 1829 to lay his land warrants, he got from the Government for being in the war of 1812. He layed his claims on the Ramp Creek, where Andrew Deckard’s farm is now. That is where my father (Calvin Wisley) was born and lived til he went west in 1865.


Byron Hazlett Barrett
Charles Louis "Deacon" Phillipi