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Click Here for more on Mahalia Mahalia Jane McClintock was married to Eli Preston Pavey.  They had eleven children together.  Pictured here are her twins, Geneva May and Eva Fay.  Eve only lived about five years. Below is a picture of Geneva.

Mary Viola Lawyer was married to Samuel Freed and had two daughters, named Hazel and Mabel.  Samuel died at the young age of 24.  Mary remarried to William McMahan about 1903.  They had six children together, Leslie, Carl, Everett, Pete, Helen and Rowena.  Here is a picture of William and Mary with three of their children.  Leslie Parker McMahan was the oldest of their children.  They are both buried in Ikerd Cemetery in Lawrence County, Indiana. Samuel Freed is buried…

Sometime back in the 1970s Merle’s son Arthur recorded Merle playing the harmonica and a little conversation. Below: Glen, Merle w/Arthur and Ralph Barrett  

Woody and Ruth married July 10, 1936 in Bedford, Indiana.  Woody retired from  Amtrak in Beech Grove, Indiana.  Woody was a huge Cardinals Baseball fan and enjoyed listening to the games on the radio. Ruth was a manager at Speigels in Indianapolis.  Ruth enjoyed collecting salt and pepper shakers.  They had two sons, William Lee Hardwick and Melvyn Maurice Hardwick.

 CERTIFICATE OF HONOR For Distinguished War Service In Industrial War-Time Production This is to Certify that   Ethil Ray Sowders Was a Helpful Worker in one of the War Plants of this company from December 7, 1941 to August 14, 1945 and thereby, with hands and heart, aided in defeating axis enemies – aided in shortening the war and saving soldiers’ lives – thus preserving liberty and freedom for America and her allies.   Noblitt – Sparks Industies, Inc.

Daisy Ann Butcher married Silas Earl Wisley on October 15, 1899.  She gave birth to identical twin girls on October 17, 1900.  Just weeks later (November 3, 1900) she died of blood poisoning (sepsis, deadly infection).  The girls were raised by their grandfather Calvin Wisley who left each of the girls $1,000 at the age of 14 when they started working and earning their own way.

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